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**This summer, Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy continues its Learn & Run series.  Please join us once a month for a 20-30 minute presentation and Q&A, followed by a 4-5 mile run with one of our therapists and a running coach. 

Our first talk for this year’s series will be “Exercises for all Runners – To Make You Longer, Stronger, Stable, and Able.” Running places unique demands on the body, and not many realize that running, by itself, doesn’t necessarily make you as strong as you need to be to run safely, or to run well.  This talk will focus on exercises that target traditional weak spots in all of us, which can be especially challenging for runners, whether you’re trying to maintain a basic level of fitness or achieve a particular level of performance. 


Todd Schemper, PT, DPT, OCS and Rick Hill, PT, DPT

At Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy, we’re passionate about movement. We know that if you move better, you’ll also feel and function better. Kinetic Edge is so much more than rehab; Kinetic Edge helps you thrive and excel. Come experience the edge that our friendly and knowledgeable movement experts provide. We’ll help you rediscover your happier, healthier, and hope-filled life. The choice is yours to make the first move. Join the movement at Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy! 

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