Advanced Foot & Ankle Clinic

advanced foot and ankle

Advanced Foot & Ankle Clinic provides advanced methods of professional foot care to patients in Des Moines, Altoona, Ankeny and surrounding communities.  Dr. David Yount uses the latest medical and surgical technology to provide gentle effective treatment of the following:

Sports injuries                            Morton's neuroma            Plantar fasciitis             orthotics

Fractures and sprains              Achillies tendonitis           Callus and corns         Arthritis

Bunions and bunionettes        Warts                                  Gout                                  Hammertoes

Wounds and ulcers                Heel pain                               Heel spurs                      Bursitis

Diabetic foot care                   Fungal toenails                    Athlete's foot                 Cysts

Ingrown toenails                    Tendonitis                               Flat feet                          pain in feet

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