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Our team members are fun and enthusiastic!  They get a kick out of inspiring others with a warm welcome, and customer-focused listening to learn just which of our products will make the customer's life and fitness experience great.  Team Inspiration Members enjoy learning the product details and that creates the distinction between an OK and awesome customer experience.  We take care of the store when it is slow to keeping the store looking its best for the next customer and the stockroom most useful for the team.  We care about and are active in the community.  Will you like it here?  Test yourself on these essential functions:

Enjoy walking, running or outdoor physical movementWe inspire by example, and we are all about helping people get moving better, faster and/or more comfortably.  You've got to love it for customers to catch enthusiasm!

Do you have a sales sense?  You should be comfortable (even passionate and excited!) about suggesting items people might enjoy.   Our customers appreciate learning about our products… from shoe technology to the importance of carrying a hydration pack..

Are you good at switching gears? When customer traffic slows, you will find yourself busy with stocking, cleaning, training and more. But when somebody walks in the door, your focus has to switch 100% to friendly customer service, even if you are behind in your other tasks.

Can you stay calm and friendly under pressure? Imagine providing superior customer care to 2 guests at the same time (with your other team members doing the same) while 5 more guests are waiting. They all want the same level of attention and care, they want it in a timely fashion and they want you to be friendly and appreciative. Things can get very busy here and there is always other work to be done. Expect a fast pace for hours on end.

Are you a team player? Fleet Feet Sports is like a family and we work closely with each other, sometimes under stress. And no matter what’s going on in your week, your team members will be counting on you to be here 100% when your shift starts. We all depend on each other and support each other. You need to be respectful and patient, and you also need to pull your own weight when it comes to customers and other work that has to get done. Trust is a must.

Are you willing to learn new things? People know us as the FIT experts. “FIT” does not just refer to shoes but all of our products and our service. You’ll need to make an effort to get educated about all of our products, so that you can deliver the highest level of service our guests have come to expect. We’ll help you, but it will be up to you to ask questions and take the time to learn and remember things.

Do you pay attention to the little things? It’s the thoughtful little touches that make a “specialty” store so special, like remembering a frequent guests’ name or what type of shoe they run in. Going an extra mile for a guest by staying open late or rush shipping them a pair of socks before a big race is what sets us apart. Fun little extras go a long way and make your job worth the effort.

Are you patient and eager to serve people? We expect team members to take a friendly attitude towards customers-to smile and greet them as soon as they walk in, to make conversation with all kinds of people, to serve their needs, to take time and care for them. If you feel shy or awkward about talking with strangers or if you are not willing to serve guests (even touch their feet) you might not like it here.

Are you available on evenings and Saturdays? In this business, evenings and Saturdays are a KEY TIME when many of our customers shop and stop by the store for one of our many fun runs and seminars. It is critical to our continued success that our employees be flexible and comfortable working a variety of shifts, including evenings and weekends.

Do you speak well, using good business grammar, like you hear or see on the news?  It builds credibility with customers, and ensures our space is healthy for all ears to hear!

Can you count money accurately?  Accurately complete each sale, including counting change, so customers and the company are getting what they expect.  No surprises!

Are you comfortable with a computer, keyboard and mouse?  Our cash registers and inventory are computer-based.  Nothing fancy, but you must be comfortable learning to use our programs.

Are you willing to wear logo and other apparel of the store as tops, and look your best to represent them well?  We provide one shirt or top, and offer discounts for the balance.  Sorry, but you've got to take care of your own grooming (clean everything, no visible tattoos and only one or two ear piercings, no private parts showing--even when you stoop, natural colored hair that is neatly groomed -- and wholesome appearance).

Are you equally great in the stockroom?  To keep this fun and profitable, Team Inspiration Members need to be able to find products quickly, so that means checking in and marking inventory accurately, putting it where it belongs the first time and every time after, and keeping things picked up.  That includes trash and recycling in their respective bins (yup--bragging there).

Desired Functions:

Ability to merchandise products well--pair colors and clothing combinations in an appealing manner.  Marketing or social media savvy.  Availability to mentor or coach programs.  Creative with ideas.  Involved in the community.

Physical Requirements:

Repeatedly and regularly:  See and describe details up to 15 feet away, walk, sit, bend, crouch low, stoop, maneuver hands and fingers, pull and push, reach (forward, above shoulders and below knees), lift 5 lbs. all day, 15-30 pounds for part of the day, and 30-50 pounds occasionally.  Some positions with coaching responsibilities may require the ability to run a particular distance.

Additional Mental Requirements:

Accurately count change, read and follow instructions and labels in English, retain recall of numbers and letters for several minutes, ability and willingness to follow safe practices


If you answered “yes” to these questions, please complete our employment application. Send applications (resumes also welcome) to and copy

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